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Flebu is a supplier of industrial centrifugal fans and other parts for industrial shipping and power plants. It currently has offices in Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland. They reached out to us as their website was dated and it wasn't possible to easily complete tasks such as add news for investor relations. They wanted an interactive website which could really represent the company online.

The new look homepage of the site with slider images, latest news, featuring partners and live news feed.
The old site of Flebu
Old website appearance on mobile phone - Not Mobile Responsive, you can only zoom out to see the cut off text, not scroll down, The navigation menu at the top is also cut off.
In the new version of the mobile site, the existing content responds to the page with and moves below, allowing the site to be fully functional, with a modern pop in navigation menu at the top.


Whilst maintaining the values and strong legislative requirements of a company operating in numerous countries, we had to show who Flebu are and what they could do. They wanted to be able to post investor news, list their staff members including contact details, list their products, post events, add new products, receive inquiries and have access to a CMS which enables easy updating.


A complete content management system which allows click-to-update access to every part of the website and list photos and contact information for each staff member and make it take very few steps to add any events for investors etc. We would also implement a new design.


We completed the project ahead of deadline and completed the transfer to the Flebu staff. The website has since been updated with new categories and information added often, proving the concept of having the website accesible to the company and teaching their staff members how they can make updates, whilst still adding a layer of security.

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