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We were approached by the archaeology department of Oxford University for help with their Eamena Project. They had multiple websites with conflicting information and with data being either outdated or missing due to the lack of any uniform approach

Eamena Before - 1 of 3 Websites
Eamena Staff Page - After. Eamena wanted each staff member to have a full profile on the site including contact information, biography and work history.
Eamena After - Everything integrated into 1 website with a properly structured menu and backend content management system and social medie integrated.


To put all data from 3 seperate domains into a single content management system and ensure it could be updated by all staff regardless of technical knowledge.


A content management system was setup and modified to fit all the requirements of the Eamena Project such as including Risks, Case Studies, Events, Photo Galleries, Blogs and ability for staff to add new files and uploads as and when they like.


We took the Eamena project from multiple domain names and duplicated data or outdated data to having them combined under 1 site and allow clearer communication of data and quick removal of any outdated information.

This was a joint project in collaboration with LeadStudios

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